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Imagine aliens jumping straight out of an Atari game, taking over your speakers and bashing your head to the rhythm of the drums. Thats a glimpse of the vibe you’ll get on the Alien Invasion EP. Video game sounds mesh with ruff neck synths, hacked into a grime format for you to bang ya head on April 27th!

1. Alien Invasion
2. Hopscotch
3. Onix
4. Gnarly

Cover Art:

The four songs on this EP show a good breadth of Sirpixalot’s signature sound. The title cut “Alien Invasion” infuses some jazz sensibilities into the Pixalot formula with clanking percussion and melodic synths fueling this addictive riddim. “Onix” is very moody excursion with dark brooding vibes. Skittery sounds and a somewhat unpredictable nature defines “Hopscotch.” Closing it down “Gnarly,” as the name would suggest, is a hard as nails riddim that leaves no survivors.

Sirpixalot is a grime producer and DJ from Brixton South London. His productions have been featured on radio stations such as: BBC, Kiss FM, Rinse FM, Deja Vu FM, Radar Radio, Mode FM and Reprezent as well as having releases on Slimzos, Boxed and more!