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// OUT TODAY \\ Debut EP from Italy’s mysterious ETEVLEH ///

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Enigmatic producer fresh on the scene, ETEVLEH first started unleashing tracks a year ago and is now ready to put forth his debut EP, D.E.A.T.H., with Slit Jockey Records. Dark lurching vibes permeate this 5 track collection of neo grime, ripe with lush synths and industrial percussions.

ETEVLEH is the Norvegian and Swedish word for “HELVETE” written backwards that means HELL in english. The name pays homage to a black metal background of a 22 year old guy from Milan, Italy. This black metal background influences his output, converging in a sort of occult expression. ETEVLEH puts all his energy into the 5 tracks created here with a logical approach and the EP named D.E.A.T.H. where each letter refers to a word which respectively names the five tracks of this EP and every track is the result of a process that involves feelings, construction, occultism, concept and reasoning. ETEVLEH isn’t a person in his self but it’s a way of expressing our unconscious, our hidden and recondite thoughts and feelings. He has released on Classical Trax, Sn0 Recordings and Angry Youth collective as well as having a featured guest mix on NTS Radio.