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Dev79 sez:

We been bumpin the Slit Jockey Records label for 10 years. Wow. From hand stamping white label 7”s to DIY booking our anniv tour. Dedication, Passion (and sometimes I think stupidity ha) drives us to continue with music and in this case ‪#‎grime‬ specifically. I wouldn’t have it any other way (and I don’t know what I’d do with myself otherwise).

Shouts to my main men in this endeavor, Paul Starkey & Aaron El Carnicero as well as the invaluable assistance of Rar Kelly, James Keith, Tim Shaw and the countless others that have help support our vision over the past decade. and of course much luv to everyone who has listened, purchased, or generally appreciated our efforts and catalog.

Don’t sleep on this – Late July / Early August – ‪#‎SlitJockey10yr‬ U.S. Mini-Tour featuring one of London’s finest grime DJs – Spooky! Along with Starkey, Dev79 and more!!! We are still accepting offers and seeking bookings, if you want to see the Slit Jockey gang tear it up in your city than tell your local promoter to holler at us asap! infoATslitjockeyDOTcom – down to discuss and consider all inquires.